Cultural Diversity


    • Introduction

    • Brief summary of cultural diversity at work

    • Challenges to cultural diversity at work

    • Benefits of cultural diversity at work

    • Managing cultural diversity

    • Conclusion

Cultural diversity in workplaces


      One of the things that make human life intriguing and to some extent captivating is the diversity and variation exhibited by various people as a result of their differing cultures, personalities and physical appearance. Through the years, different groups of people have come up with cultures which help them develop spiritually, morally and mentally. As such these cultures have become building blocks in their lives and work places. This paper shall focus on cultural diversity in work places. A detailed discussion shall be presented on how this diversity may affect an organization either positively or negatively. Solutions and recommendations shall also be made as to how best this diversity can be balanced.

Brief summary on cultural diversity

      Globalization has led to a status quo where organizations are constantly being forced to interact and in some instances merger with each other so as to fully utilize scarce resources so as to ensure their profitability and hence future continuity. To best achieve their goals, organizations at times find themselves forging alliances with individuals from different nations around the globe in order to tap into the best talents for the various jobs. Hankin (2008) asserts that cultural diversity is about respecting and acknowledging differences among people in relation to their age, sex, ethnicity, abilities and beliefs. If employees do not oversee such differences and work as a unit, then the working environment and the output would end up in turmoil.

Challenges facing cultural diversity at work places

      Discrimination is the core factor hindering cultural diversity in work places. This comes in different cloaks such...