Cultural Diversity

Diversity in my Community
Chinell Holcomb
November 15, 2009
Cultural Diversity ETH/125
Tracey Reed
Even though we have a black president, racism still exists in our communities. I believe racism continues to prevail its ugly face, because of personal individual beliefs. I am native Indian, Mexican American and Caucasian race. My husband is African American, which in return my family is bi-racial. We live in a predominately Caucasian community and my children are considered minorities at school. Our family has had to deal with racism in our local community.
In my local home church, one service our Preacher had to hold a service regarding classism. Our church is diverse and has begun a mission to help the children of a specific neighborhood that is on the other side of town. The neighborhood is low class and predominately African American. The adult members of our church had no issues going out and giving food, clothing and witnesses about the graces of god. Well then our Pastor had another vision; the church bought a new bus and started bussing the families and children to our church every Sunday. Well the same people that were part of the outreach, did not want these children sitting by their children. Our Pastor stood at the front of the church and said not only will racism not be tolerated but neither will classism. Pastor further stated” If you do not appreciate a church that sees past the color and wealth of a person, then you do not belong at this Church.”