Creating a Positive Plan

Creating a plan for a positive influence can be very challenging.   Within every business
organization there is conflict and resolution along with lack of motivation and gratification.   In this paper I will develop a plan to motivate, increase performance and morale within an organization.  
Motivating employees within a business organization can be very challenging, especially having to do it with different personalities and attitudes.   Some employee’s morale for their company including their subordinates may be fairly low.   In order to enable employees to get their moral and respect for their subordinates and the company everyone needs to get involved.   The first step is to identify the problem whether it be with the employee and their Manager and/or Supervisor, Manager against Manager, or employee against employee.   The second step is to address the problem or issue within the organization.   By addressing the problem or issue, it makes it easy for everyone to get along.   The third step is to motivate everyone in the organization to come together as a unit.   One motivational tool is having incentives for a job well done.   Examples of some incentives would be a bonus, a dinner with his or her manager, a paid day off, and Employee of the Month awards, free breakfast or lunch in the department, gift certificates, company picnics, Employee Appreciation Day, Anniversary celebration, and Holiday parties.   Having incentives for a job well done will surely boost the morale of all employees because it shows recognition and appreciation.  

Everyone within a company and/ or organization wants and strives hard for job satisfaction.   Work should be enjoyable.   One strives to come into work and do their best when there is job satisfaction.   First, enjoy what you do and have a commitment with yourself to strive for the best.   Never allow a difficult task or person to get in the way.   Second, be involved with your company.   The attitude an...