Positive Influence Plan

Assignment Week I I– A Plan for Positive Influence

Fatorma Bolley

Course: Organizational Leadership
LDR: 531

Date:   October 22, 2009

Professor: Marian Gigliotti
University of Phoenix at Philadelphia

    The intent of this paper is to create a plan to increase employee’s motivation, satisfaction and performance. To accomplish this goal, I want to first define and elaborate on the terms motivation, satisfaction and performance, and discuss how I will use them to create my plan for positive influence in the workplace. According to Schermerhorn, motivation is the individual forces that account for direction, level and persistence of a person’s effort expanded at work. (P4.) Robbins and Judge defined job satisfaction as a positive feeling about one’s job resulting from an evaluation of its characteristics. Research indicates that satisfaction level very a lot depending on which facet of job satisfaction you’re talking about. I consider performance as a functional effectiveness, or an outcome or and effort. Performance is not a constant and it depends on the individual at task it can turn out to be good or poor, but overall motivation and satisfaction can enhance performance.
          The plan if executed properly for a learning team or a given set of employees, it will assist in deriving positive influence, as a thrust to increasing motivation and satisfaction, thus leading to high performance.   The Disc Platinum Behavior Assessment is intended assisted me in creating this positive influence plan, since it somewhat reveals to me my strengths and weaknesses.
    The survey tends to tell my style characteristics at work and under stress or at my best, happy, etc., and offers strategies for increasing personal effectiveness in my interpersonal relationships. In conclusion this paper will sum up lessons learned in the process.
    There are few factors to consider when attempting to motivate others. Before I analyze...