A Plan for Positive Influence


A Plan for Positive Influence
Zahed Sarwar
University of Phoenix
Organizational Leadership – LDR/531
Brenda J. Talsma
July 12, 2010

A Plan for Positive Influence
This paper will discuss a plan that will increase motivation, satisfaction, and performance within the learning team. By increasing these characteristics job performances will increase. Motivation is the process that account for an individual’s intensity, direction, and persistence of effort toward attaining a goal (Judge, 2007). Intensity is concerned with how hard a person tries. However, high intensity is unlikely to lead to favorable job-performance outcomes unless the effort is channeled in a direction that benefits the organization. Therefore, we have to consider the quality of effort as well as its intensity. Effort that is directed toward, and consistent with, the organization’s goals is the kind of effort that we should be seeking. Finally motivation has a persistence dimension. This is a measure of how long a person can maintain effort (Judge, 2007). Motivated individuals stay with a task long enough to achieve their goal. The motivated employee performs his job duties better than those employees who are not motivated. Some dynamics that motivate employees include: achievement, accomplishment, recognition, learning and growth.
Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. Each member brings to the table a distinct personality along with an assortment of experience that may be very different from others. The team as a whole may share a common interest and/or similar backgrounds. The team must therefore recognize everyone’s distinct qualities and respect each other’s ability to be successful. Working as a team can be challenging at first. The practice of working with people forces us out of our comfort zones for a wakeup call to new and different thoughts.   Teamwork exposes us to a forum in which we can showcase our best...