Crash Review

Personally, I didn’t like the movie. I saw it once before and I didn’t even realize it was about race. That might have been because I think differently, a lot of movies I have seen are about race or there really is a bigger theme in this movie.
The movie is confusing because when you look at all the races, you see a lot of anxiety between them and where they all crash and really judge people to a high degree, and it is first nature to pick up these cultural ideas and store them inside you forever.
As Don said, we crash to feel things, and in L.A. nobody touches you. I wondering if he meant a real city like New York where people brush into each other and you have the sense of feeling when you walk by people if there is less racism, also the fact that there is more diversity in New York City. I am doubting not, but it was just a thought.
I can relate to all the characters that’s why I did not like it, because in the end you see their faults and their consequences and that is a very depressing ending and idea all together.
It was artfully done, the characters were great, and the title is very dramatic, whether I think it was a true title or not. The word crash is very powerful and tragic. And because the movie did involve cars, and what roles different races use cars, as one owns one, one person jacks them, one person picks up hitch hikers, and some are stuck in the back of the vehicle on the verge of being sold.
I liked Ryan Phillipe, the young officer who was the strongest acting against racism, early in the movie. He was a young kid new in the police force and I don’t think he knew a lot about racism and how truly it was ingrained in the people. I think his own ideas of equality and the general ideas of racism crashed into each other and that’s why he ended up killing the black guy who jacked cars, because society started to worry him so much to believe that he could not trust his own instincts and had to do what many white police officers have done to...