Film review of movie “Crash”
Overall Topic: Thoughtful reflection on the movie “Crash”
After watching the movie – thoughts on comments
Roger Ebert’s comment ”What does Ebert mean by the term “racism”? He gives you examples in the film to illustrate what he means by that term. Finally, why does Ebert like the film so much?
Comments on “The Black Commentator” This essay uses the term “white supremacy” a lot. Read the essay carefully, what do the authors exactly mean by that term? What kind of evidences do they give to support their argument that “white supremacy” still exists. Finally, why they call the film as “white supremacist” film?
(2) Accurately and briefly describe what the main argument of each of the 2 essays is and WHY they made that argument – what reasoning they give (not your speculation on their motive) (3 points). – You need answer the questions I raised at the end of each comment.
(3) Your reaction to the each commentary. Give reasons why you react the way you do. (“I just feel this way because I am white/Asian” is NOT a reason. You should give a reason, either through logic or evidence, to try to be persuasive.) (2 points)
(4) Apply class or textbook concepts and theories to your analysis of the commentaries to the film – Grades here depending on the extent to which you self-consciously involve class materials (notes and textbook), simply mention “prejudice” and “discrimination” is not enough. (3 points)

(5) Reference page (1 point) (If nothing else, you can reference the book, the class lecture, and the movie and the internet sites) (This page is NOT counted in the 3 page requirement.)
ASA Format
American Sociological Association
Examples of References:
Stark, Rodney. 2004. Sociology. 9th ed. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth/Thomson Learning.
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