Lord of the Flies - Review - Plot Summary - Characters - Symbolism - Author




The allegorical novel “Lord of the Flies” by Sir William Golding is about a group of young british boys how strand on a lonely tropical island after their plane crashed because it got shot. They find everything on the island that is important for survival like fresh water, fruits and meat. Right after the crash Ralph meets a fat asthmatic spectacle wearing boy named Piggy. In their first conversation they recognize that there are no adults on the island and they are quite glad about it. Then Ralph finds a conch and blows into it like into a trumpet to call the other boys on the island for a first meeting. There Ralph, who is the oldest of them, gets elected to chief and passed some laws for example that they would always maintain a fire burning on the mountain to attract ships and to buy shelters. He also appoints Jack, the leader of a choir, to be the leader of a hunting team.

In the course of the book the group splits into two camps. Ralph stands for the civilized part and Jack leads the Hunters who behave like a tribe of Bushmen. They split because of the fear of the boys of a mysterious fictitious beast. Ralph ignores and doesn’t really believe in it but Jack ensures to find and kill it if there was one. Most of the boys on the island join Jack’s tribe because of their fear and their longing for meat. Ralph, Jack and a few other boys go on top of the mountain and find a dead parachutist, who has landed there the night before. They mistake the dead body for the beast and take flight. A few days later Jack kills a sow, cuts off its head, fixes it on a stick and posts it in the jungle as a sacrifice to the beast. He calls the head “Lord of the Flies”.

Prowling through the jungle Simon gets an epileptic seizure in front of the pig head and thinks it speaks to him. In succession Simon discovers the real identity of the beast and runs down the mountain to the others to tell them about his discovery. When he...