'Cosi Shows That Love Is a Universal Human Experience' Discuss.

Love is the main theme in Cosi. Do you agree?

Although Cosi is concerned with the politics of the 1970’s and an exploration of the treatment of mentally ill, and the boundaries between realities, it is primarily a play about love in is various aspects –trust and betrayal, fidelity and infidelity and commitment, friendship, compassion and acceptance. The asylum setting and the constant referencing to the worlds of madness and the opera, the “play within a play” are a corollary to the lives of the characters and their interconnections.

The play explores many aspects of love, by different perspectives from the cast.   Each character has their own way of describing love, and Cosi Fan Tutte is just the right ground for them to discuss it. Roy believes that “love is what you feel when you don’t have enough emotion left to hate”, despite this negative impression of love, Julie thinks that, “Love was being foolish and stupid”. From this point, we can see that Nowra’s play considers the ideas of love, without giving the definitive opinions about it, after all, “Mozart is about love not madness”.

Love is not only the main theme of the opera, but also the major one in Cosi. The certain aspects of love that is the focus of both the opera and the play are fidelity, faithfulness, and commitment that we see from the interconnections within the characters. From fidelity, comes the concept of free love which against it. Nowra portrays free love in a negative way by aligning Doug and Nick to be the supporters for it. “Lucy’s not possessive about you. I’m not possessive about her. What’s the fuss?” as Nick says to Lewis, describing that he is into free love, and fidelity is not important to him. On the other hand, Henry believes that fidelity and commitment are the bonds that keeps love lasts, as he said, “Whether women can remain true is tttragedy”.   Nowra encourages us not to think the way Nick and Doug do as they are the most unlikeable character in the play, but he makes...