Loneliness is and always has been the central and inevitable experience of everyman
We are driven by five genetic needs: survival, love and belonging, power, freedom and fun
Connections to people create a sense of belonging
      Self perception / challenges (conflict of perspective)     Connection to a place can create a sense of belonging
      Places (indigenous people & belonging to the land)     Individual such as migrants may face obstacles in settling into new lives and countries which raise issues of belonging to their newly chosen place
      Feel detached from their place of birth / greater sense of belonging     to different places     A sense of belonging comes through connection to groups and communities
  Communities provide a sense of belonging based on acceptance,   understanding, common goals, love friendship and recognizing   our similarities in perspective
      Based on religion, race, culture, politics, family, class,   age, gender, education
    Motivation for belonging
      The desire to belong can be seen as a universal human experience     A connection to the larger world is important to a sense of belonging
      Our world is often said to be shrinking with continued technological     advancement creating a global community bringing people     together across nations. Global citizen     Belonging can enrich our identity and relationships and can be lead to acceptance and understanding
  Connections to people may bring spiritual, emotional, intellectual,   psychological or physical enrichment
      Belonging provides opportunities for gaining exposure to   new ideas, different perspectives, tolerance, the acknowledgement   and approval of others, confidence and self esteem
    An individual can challenge or enrich a community or group
  Group to which they belong is also influenced by each individual
      An individual can challenge the ideologies of a group which   may lead to...