Love as a Universal Expeience in Cosi

Cosi shows that love is a universal human experience. Discuss.

The concept of love as a universal experience is shown through the ideals of the characters in Cosi. Lewis Nowra uses the protagonist’s in his play to show the different views held by alternating characters. Lucy and Nick both share the view of love as an indulgence compared to important social and political issues of the time. The play explores the notion of “free love” in neither a positive or negative way. Henry opposes the view of love being fickle and has very strong feelings about the love men and women share because of his parents.

The perception of love as an indulgence is most strongly endorsed by the characters of Lucy and Nick. Both believe that social and political issues are much more important compared with love. According to Nick “only mad people in this day and age would do a work about love and infidelity” when there were much more pressing issues, in their eyes, going on in the world around them. In Lucy and Nick’s belief system fighting for the politically oppressed seems to outweigh any notion of love and while they are in a relationship is more out of shared politics and sex then love. Even at the beginning of the play Lewis shares his friends ideas and when introduced to the idea of directing Cosi Fan Tutte he shuns the opera about fidelity, as he deems it not relevant to the social context of the time. This represents the idea of love as an “emotional indulgence for the privileged few” of stable social existence. Although Lucy and Nick present strong arguments for the idea that love should be second to basic human needs at the same time is supports love as a universal experience otherwise why would Nowra have written a play which is underpinned by a debate about the importance of love, something to which all people can relate. Lucy and Nick also agree in the philosophy of free love, which Cosi explores extensively.

Free love is a philosophy that a persons right to engage...