Cosi shows that love is a universal human experience. Discuss.

Cosi by Lewis Nowra was a play set in the 1970’s about members of the mental asylum performing a play in the backdrop of the Vietnam War. ‘Cosi Fan Tutte’ shows love as a main theme of the play. Love is the emotional connection between people or the complete admiration of something from a person or group of people. This is shown in Cosi from the perspective of Lewis towards the play of ‘Cosi Fan Tutte’ as he’s love for the play grows as the play progresses. A universal human experience is something that everyone feels or experiences at some stage in their life and love is one of these experiences. Although Lucy experiences a sense of love she seems to shut it out and consider it as unimportant to her, which Lewis agrees with at first. We see Roy’s love for the play and for Mozart, however it is evident through the play that he believe love is not entirely a universal human experience. We also see that many of the asylum patients haven’t experienced love because they are kept away from the rest of the community.

The opera of ‘Cosi Fan Tutte’ which Lewis and the asylum patients are performing is based around the themes of love and fidelity. By performing the opera the characters explore their views and values about love and fidelity. This is shown through the character of Lewis as at the beginning of the play in agreement with he’s girlfriend Lucy he believe that “love is not so important nowadays”, however Lewis discovers over the course of the play that love is important, through the discovery of Nick sleeping with Lucy and also the commitment that he finds himself giving towards the opera. This shows that although love may not occur for someone in particular, it may occur for something. In many instances factors such as sport or certain hobbies can invoke feelings of love and commitment, and in this instance the opera of ‘Cosi Fan Tutte’ ended up becoming what Lewis ‘loved’.   By the end of the...