Corps Bride Points

Understanding nourishes belonging...a lack of understanding prevents it.

“I spent so long in the darkness I forgot how beautiful the moonlight is”

Romulus my Father (RMF) is a beautifully constructed memoir written by Raimond Gaita who prefers to refer to his life recount as not a biography but a ”series of poetry” that to me revels that he wishes the meaning never to be revealed, for then his story, is memories, his life, his love shall be dead. The brilliant Time Burton plays on the concept of Death, and challenges what the human perception on the damned truly is. This is done through the film Corpse Bride (CB) in which is the tragic tale of “murder most foul” and love that must never belong.

CB is a film that explores all meanings of life, death and love yet seems to orbit and return to the idea and concept of belonging. This film begins with a butterfly, one of colour and shape. This butterfly reflects the struggle for belonging throughout the entire film, the audience views a single blue butterfly soaring through a world of monotone colours and order, in which no joy may be found but in this single butterfly.

Corps Bride NoTEs:

    • The Butterfly is colourful in a gloomy world

        o Just as the film is

    • Distorted bodies as if nobody belongs.

    • Nothing is as it seems, the rich are poorer than that of the common.

    • Victoria’s mother extraordinarily androgynous. Large chin, small waste and large shoulders.

    • The two worlds meet (rich and common) and neither belongs.

    • “Music is improper for a young lady; too passionate she says”

    • Victor simply does not belong to Victorias family

    • Victor = Man

    • Victoria = Woman

    • Very similar name, similar people, completely different backgrounds.

    • Victor places the ring on a branch looking, hand, in which a ring does not belong on.

    • This act transports him to a world here he himself does not belong.

    • Into a world of...