My three texts from Banksy the U.K street artist strongly resist consumerism beacause Firstly banksy believes that consumerism is still taking over the world and controlling more and more lives, How the mind is now so used to consumerism and it’s tricks and how we misplace our values because of consumerism.

Banksy believes that consumerism hasn’t taken over the world, it is still expanding and in greater numbers than ever, consumerism is driving further and further around the the world and taking it’s victims. Banksy does an artwork of troops raising a mcdonalds pole into what looks like freshly won territory. The artwork is an allusion to the original photograph by joe rosenthal of American troops raising the American flag over iwo jima, after defeating japan in world war two. The artwork being an allusion to this particular photograph   displays how they are both quite major events. Comparing Mcdonalds to the American flag displays how important and how well known the company is today.

We as a society often become some accustomed to consumerism and take everything for granted. Banksy did an artwork on a brick wall once that was just a text, it said “sorry, the lifestyle you ordered is currently out of stock”. Banksy is trying to convey how we think everything can be pre-packaged and that we believe we can find the lifestyle we ‘need’ by purchase and consumption. It implies a simplicity of language reminiscent of the consumer-driven multi-national corporations that the text criticises. Banksy is resisting himself from consumerism in such a way that he is almost mocking it.

As consumers we often misplace values and lose contact with whats really important in our lives. The third illustration by banksy is an American couple being pulled along in a kart by a small neglected boy, whilst they take pictures of themselves. The image is portraying how we’re so selfish and care little for those who suffer from the oppressing side of consumerism, the sweatshops and...