Poetry and the World Consumerism

Module: Poetry and the world consumerism
Task type: visual representation & speech
Date due: term 3, week 3: Wednesday, 11, august 2010.
By: Mona choker


Good morning,
Today I am going to discuss two characteristics of consumerism that Bruce Dawe utilises in his poetry, and explain how I have incorporated them into my advertisement. The advertisement being presented is a plain representation of consumerism due to its features that are represented.
So what is consumerism? Consumerism deals with the lifestyle in which individuals purchase products more on what they desire rather on their personal needs due to being influenced by advertisements.

The advertisement shown stimulates elder people's desires to purchase the product. I will start of by mentioning the caption on the poster. This caption is strategically placed in the middle of the poster and in turn, it draws the attention of those who walk besides it. The caption is written in black bold font which not only adds to the fact that it brings attention to the advertisement but it also empathises the message the caption it’s carrying (gentle on skin firm on wrinkles).

The second aspect of the advertisement which grasps the attention of the target market is the use of colour. The colour red is proven scientifically to be the most colours that attracts attention. The use of colour has been also used in a strategic manner as red attracts people towards the products. The colour red on the poster contrast with the colour white. The contrasts of these colours further attract customers. The white colour is also used to represent purity which is associated with youth.

Furthermore the product in the advertisement is very appealing because it’s central and large; it also has a shiny Goldie light coming from it with a white background, which makes me think its spiritual, goddess, rich, pure and top quality.
Another characteristic of the advertisement which appeals to its customers is the...