Consumerism Speech
It is the acquisition of consumer goods and a large part of our society. This is what we call consumerism. The poet, Bruce Dawe believes Consumerism is a major issue affecting our society by having a negative effect on our beliefs and values. Bruce Dawe’s poetry and the poem called `Consumerism, Merely another God!’ By Ross Dix-Peek convey powerful images that raise many issues and concerns that significantly affect the responder and their world.
The poem ‘Enter without so much as knocking’ reflects the impact of consumerism on modern society. `Enter without so much as knocking’ explores the birth of a child and how the child’s innocence is corrupted and destroyed by consumerism as he enters adulthood. The quote ‘like every other well-equipped smoothly-run household, his included one economy-size mum, one Anthony Squires-Cool stream-Summer weight Dad, along with two other kids straight off the Junior Department rack’ shows as soon as the character is born he is surrounded by consumerism. The family is described with the language of commerce, for example economy-size mum, this reflects the fact that consumerism judges people on what they own or buy. Dawe suggests that consumerism now defines our identity and that we lack individuality.
Another quote ‘pretty soon he was old enough to be realistic like every other godless money-hungry-back-stabbing miserable so-and-so’ shows that the once innocent child has now succumbed to consumerism and is now like everyone else in the real world.
Similar to `Enter without so much as knocking’, another of Bruce Dawe’s poems, `Televistas’, also reflects the impact of consumerism on modern society.` Televistas’ explores a couple’s relationship and their lives which are mapped out through the TV shows that they watch. The quote `Fortune smiled between commercials, dreams were swapped and futures planned...’ is very ironic as the genuine decisions of life have become rushed and hurried to fit into the...