Jorge Castro
English 68
M&W 8-12pm
As a student of the 21stcentury I have a special attachment to my computer. The reason I have a special attachment is it has an infinite amount of uses. The use of my computer ranges from personal, entertainment to even school. The range makes it the most items bought all over the world. Showing that not only I have a special attachment with my computer but many other people have the same connection as I do making it one of the greatest invention ever.
The way I use my computer personally is by chatting with friends and keeping personal orconfidential files like journals on the desktop. I use it personally for chatting because it is another source where I can communicate with my friends other than my phone. Then I use it to store confidential files because it one place it is hard for me to lose it and I can keep it so only my eyes can view it. The most important personal use is the web cam, being able to see a person miles from is the best thing so far created for a computer.
Another way I use my computer is entertainment which helps me fight boredom. The kind of entertainment it provides is movies, games and as a source of literature. It provides movies, games and literature by letting me go onto the internet and either downloading or streaming them. Plus, with being able to go online with my computer I able to say in contact with the world through seeing or reading current events.
Than lastly, I use my computer for things more educational like research, reading, studying and doing HW that requires information I don’t know. Furthermore the computer helps me stay organized through planning and more importantly on top of events. The computer is the most useful thing because it can be used in many different by different people. As the years go by computers keeping on getting better and better and as a 21st century student we find more ways to used them