New Computer Network Proposal

Fountains City Technology College

New Computer Network Proposal

Date 6th June 2003
Prepared for Dr Wakeham
Prepared by Great Amazing Consultancy Company

Introduction 2

  Goals 2
  Scope 2

Existing Network Environment 2

  Summary of Existing Environment 2
  Critique 3

Proposed New Network Environment 4

  Introduction 4
  Logical Design 4
  Physical Design 4
  IP Addressing Scheme 7

Estimates 7

  Schedule 7
  New Hardware required 8
  Costs 8
  Uncosted Expenses 8

Summary 9


This report has been complied for Dr Wakeham of Fountains City Technology College by the Great Amazing Consultancy Company. The purpose of the report is to summarise the existing computing environment of the college, and to propose a design for a new computer network.


The design is tailored to the specific needs of the college and must meet the following objectives:

      • To provide a reliable and scalable network infrastructure that can cope with the expected growth of internal traffic.
      • To facilitate the growth of the Creative Studies department’s interest in computer graphics and music.
      • To promote the use of internet-based resources in all departments and for all students. A particular aim is to support the interest of the new head of humanities in using Internet resources for teaching activities.
      • To enable the school to use an external management company to maintain the security and continued operation of the computer resources.


The scope of this project is to design a network to connect the ten departments of Fountains City Technology College throughout the five outbuildings of its campus. The ten departments are Maths, Modern Languages, Humanities, Creative Studies, Library, Workrooms, Administration, Reprographics, Science and Technology. The design should include access to the Internet and a third party consultant will provide ongoing support.

Existing Network...