Computer Dependency

Computers are applied widely in virtually all aspects of life. They are more and more useful to meet the increasing human needs. This, however, will constitute a significant threat to social development in the foreseeable future. My essay will present my perspective on this subject.
Perhaps computers will bring tremendous achievements supporting humans or even replacing human brain in future. Because of phenomenal speed in science and technology, human beings can be fully justified in dreaming of the day computers substituting them in generating ideas. Some day a manager may control his employees’ thoughts and productivity through network. Additionally, people’s decision may be made easily with the professional assistance of computers. For instance, mother can set an adequate diet exactly for entire family thanks to specialized analysis software.
However, we definitely should not abuse computers because of their various catastrophic impacts. When using a computer, one assumes that considering solving everything is unnecessary because of its intellectual abilities, which leads to deterioration in brain function. Secondly, the popularity of computers in nearly all fields indirectly boosts the unemployment. Those who are too accustomed to computers become socially isolated. Besides, they simply get stress, headache, sore eyes, etc. As a result, it will not be a brilliant future of whole society.
In a word, undeniably, computers have been playing such an important role since its first introduction. This does not mean people live on them. There is no substitution of computers for people as well as complete dependence of each individual on them. No matter how excellent these machines are. We all should use them smartly by examining thoroughly their pros and cons within certain extent.