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Career Opportunities in Oil Company for a Computer Science Graduate
Computer software engineers design and develop software. They apply the theories and principles of computer science and mathematical analysis to create, test, and evaluate the software applications and systems that make computers work. The tasks performed by these workers evolve quickly, reflecting changes in technology and new areas of specialization, as well as the changing practices of employers.

With skills in one of today's most sought-after professions, computer science engineers enjoy career opportunities at organizations across all industries, including computer system design or consulting firms, software publishers, financial and health care institutions, and government agencies.

A Computer Science graduate is in high demande in Saudi Aramco, the world’s largest oil producing company (located in Saudi Arabia).   Personally, I am looking forward to working in Saudi Aramco as an exploration analyst.   A CS engineer is demanded in every functional department in Saudi Aramco. Oil exploration, production, processing, storage, and distribution locally and worldwide are highly dependent on computer systems.   In oil exploration, for instance, the company receives around 20 billion seismic traces, approximately 100 terabytes of seismic data annually.   The company has one of the largest processing centers in the seismic industry.   Saudi Aramco keeps track of new development in seismic technology in order to meet the constantly increasing seismic processing requirements, as it is essential to its business.
“What is seismic acquisition?   Seismic acquisition is the artificial generation and recording of seismic data.   A seismic source, such as a dynamite explosion, compressed air gun or vibrator unit, generates energy that travels into the Earth as vibrations passing through underground rock layers. Different types of rock filter the seismic waves and some energy returns to the surface due to...