Supply and Demand

Supply and Demand
Pamela E. Williams
January 23, 2011
Don Mac Lean

Supply and Demand
Supply and demand for computers are constantly changing. The supply and demand for computers are based on what you need in a computer. We purchase them based on what our need is for a computer.   Which would be school, work, or personal?

The availability of the portable computers has cause the demand for the bulky desktop to decrease. So the supply of desktops in the stores is only maybe 10 at the most compared to the plentiful supply of laptops. The increase demand for laptops have decrease the supply of desktops and decrease the price of the desktops. There are three types of consumers in the market for computers. The student, businessperson, and the social networker are all looking for computer they can take everywhere.
As the demand for laptops increase, the supply of laptops in the stores also increases, but the demand for desktops decreases therefore the supply of desktops in the stores have decreased.
I have a desktop at home, but I also needed a computer that I could take with me when I am out so that I can work on school assignments.
Laptops are the most popular because you can take them everywhere with you. Laptops can be expensive so I look for the off brand laptops compared to the brands like Hp, Toshiba, Sony, Gateway, and Compaq.
A refurbished laptop would be a good substitute for the laptop that I am looking for.   I need it mostly for school, so I do not need a huge hard drive.   The laptops that I looked at in the stores the hard drives were at least 250GB, 17.3 inch monitor, 3GB DDR3 memory the larger all those items are on your computer the more it will cost. So I went to the flea market and looked at laptop computers. The components on theses laptops were not as large as a new one but they would work and they were only half the price of a new one.
A second substitute would be to buy a computer net book. You still have everything you are...