Week 8 Bus 210 Check Point

Axia College Material
Appendix E
Hardware/Software Components
In your own words, describe the following hardware/software components
Legacy systems
This is the parts and components of the companies IT computer. It is what makes the whole thing run. For each company the parts are different.
Mainframe computers
This is the main computer system for the network your company uses. It is the brains of the whole operation.
Microprocessors are what make the mainframe and your home computer. Depending on how good your processors are depending on how fast the information travels in your computer.
PC stands for personal computer. This is where most people do their work in the company and at home.
Network computers
These are the computers that are connected to the network. The network computers all lead to the mainframe. It is how the whole company can stay in contact with one another.
World Wide Web and Internet
The internet is where all the information goes. It’s a link up to a lot of different computers that holds information. Depending on what you search for it depends on where the internet sends you.
Wired and wireless broadband technology
Broadband is a direct line that helps bring the information from the internet to you. You can hard wire into the broadband or you can use a router that sends the information out via radio waves picked up by your computer.
PC software
PC software is any kind of program that helps do something you want it to. All of our homework is done on Microsoft word. This is software used to do homework.
Networking software
This is software that is used by companies that share information with one or more business. It allows the computers to share information and tell each other what the user wants to know.
Computer security software
This is software that helps keep people that are not supposed to look at the information out. Software to keep viruses out and hackers. It also keeps other things...