Compensation and Benefits Strategies Recommendations

Compensation and Benefits Strategies Recommendations
Team C
Human Capitol Management
October 25, 2015
Doctor Moran

Per Mr. Stonefield’s voicemail our team has complied the below information to answer his questions in regards to his corporation Landslide Limousine service. We understand his want to be comparable to other limousine services, we have provided him with a market evaluation to help address this. The team has addressed compensation and benefits packages, and with this addressing the current market that exists in Austin Texas. We based compensation packages on the company consisting of 25 employees, with annual net revenue that he projected for the first year with the expectation of the business to be a “ fleet company operates within a certain geographic area providing ride services to its customers. The fleet has a fixed number of vehicles of certain different types. The fleet company has its full time shift drivers and part time drivers available for call to service during specified time intervals. Affiliated with this fleet company is a group of ride service providers within the same geographic area. At a certain time, the fleet company has a set of ride service requests, each bringing in a certain amount of revenue.” (Li, Wang & Adams, 2009)
Market Evaluation
Landslide Limousines is a new Limousine company in the market. It is important that Landslide Limousines does the market evaluation to see what compensations and benefits they have to offer to get talents onboard and keep those talents. Unproductive employees and turnover hurt the bottom line of the company, so it is important that Landslide Limousine offers competitive compensation and benefits package.   We did our market evaluation of similar companies and similar job position using websites that does benchmarking of similar jobs and shows what compensation and benefits other companies are offering in the similar field.
The average salary of experience Limousine driver in Austin...