Compensation and Benefits Strategies

Compensation and Benefit Strategies
Jermain Gordon, Jonathan McBride, Kaori Shimabukuro
HRM 531
January 26, 2015
Yamile Bandera

Compensation and Benefit Strategies
Atwood and Allen Consulting have compiled a comprehensive business strategy for Landslide Limousine based on specific needs of the company. This approach aligns Landslide Limousine's goals of establishing a service company in Austin, Texas and hiring Top-Quality employees while remaining competitive with other businesses in the area offering similar services. Market evaluation, recommended compensation structure, and position in the market were key contributing factors in the development of the business strategy. Employee performance, and laws associated with payment benefits plans were also considered vital aspects.
Market Evaluation
Our market evaluation revealed that companies providing limousine service in Austin, Texas remain highly competitive. Currently, around 130 businesses in the area have similar services that Landslide Limousine plans to offer. As a result, the company must set itself apart from the competition and maintain Top-Quality employees.
The State of Texas lists Austin as an attractive location for business functions as well as leisure destinations. The Austin Convention & Visitors Bureau conducted a tourism trend analysis spanning several years. The results of the study determined that in 2010, a total of 19.8 million visitors passed through Austin. The city experienced a 16 percent increase from the previous year totaling 17 million visitors (McGee, 2015). This trend is expected to continue in growth over the next few years. Tourists and business groups often use limousine services traveling to and from the airport. And locals tend to require these services for special occasions such as weddings and formal events.
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (2013), "the average salary for a limousine driver in Texas, for 2013 was $22,770 or $10.95 per hour"....