Comparrison Essay

Comparison essay of…
What are the typical codes and conventions of the respective media products?
the typical codes and conventions for Eminem’s websites and video’s are themed. red and black are main colours he uses which can also show violence which also links to the lyrics to most of his songs, most of them show violence and it is shown in street talk which makes it popular for young people that connect to his songs.
His songs are also quite dark and make him seem quite negative and depressed. His songs link to his life and they tell stories of experiences he has had. His songs could also teach younger people that life can be hard or in some ways treat them lessons on choosing the right choices in life. Eminem sings/raps about his family a lot and how it has had so many problems that he sorts out one song that could link to this is ‘when I’m gone’ which is about his daughter wanting him to stay home and spend more time with her and her mother, and him singing when he is gone just make do with life and go along with it and he is sending her a message through his voice saying that even when he isn’t there he will protect her.

What devices and techniques have been used to produce them?
The devices and techniques used are the music video’s which connect to his target audience it all depends on how well known they are in order to make a music video which people will watch it. The camera shots on some music videos zoom in on the objects and people that are needed attention and concentration to connect/ understand the story. in Eminem’s video’s he seems like every time he is shown in them he is in track suit bottoms and a large t-shirt that is to big for him and also a hat and sometimes a hoodie.   His clothes are mainly grey or red sometimes yellow (most of the time quite dull colours) this could also link to his feelings e.g. if he is feeling happy he would wear colour if he is angry he would wear dull colours. As most people know Eminem has many nicknames like...