Compairtive Essay

The Haitian and Latin revolutions share many of the same reasons but also have numerous contrast on why they started there revolutions and how they went forth on making their revolutions successful.
Both of these revolutions started because of the unhappiness of the Haitian and Latin people. Both seen the successfulness of the French revolution and thus both wanted to copy this type of success.   They also did not like the way there country was being ruled or how it was ruled by foreign countries and not the native people of the society or land. They were also in disagreement with the taxes they had to pay, there natural rights that they were able to express, the slavery being held in their country, and   government official roles they could not get or got limited spots in which lessen there say so in their own government. For example in 1807-1808 France under Napoleon invaded Portugal and Spain. In 1791 French planters captured and tortured a Haitian man to death. This shows that both revolutions the native people did not attack first. This also shows that they both had a common enemy which was the French under Napoleon in both revolutions. In general they both also had major leaders leading followers like Vincent Oge in the Haitian revolution and Jose de San Martin in the Latin revolution. They also had the same plan of overwhelming the French on land knowing that they were not as strong as the British on the sea which would force them to retreat. Also in both revolutions the guerrilla war tactic was used by the native people to decimate the French. Another similarity is that the French tried to use the same plan in both revolutions which was to take out the smaller force with there vast amount of solders and battle experience. This giving the upper hand to the French in both revolutions even though in both revolutions the natives won their freedom and declared   overall ruler in both countries.