Community Service of the Assemblies of God Churches

The area of services of what Calvary Assembly of God has to offer is what draws its community members to the church.   Helping out at this church has always been a large portion in my life.   I have always been involved with mission trips, outreaches, dance teams, and car washes within the youth group.   The youth group does not only focus on people within its own age group, but reaches out to everyone who is around us mostly children; God taught us to be like children.   This is what the call of God upon our lives is.   The services are helpful; however, they are not perfect.   In community service, we often come across positive and negative experiences.   The negative experiences sometimes include the absences of my friends, and the dull moments such as having trouble with those we are working with.   The important thing is to examine this as a whole and to over look the negative things that may come from this experiences.   Since helping the community is the number one goal, those negative experiences seem minuscule compared to the positive.   It may be tiring at times but it is all for the good of others.   It is easier for a person like myself to work where I am close to the one in charge.   I also know that everything I do effects me as well as the outreach I am trying to help.   This will not only force me to accomplish what I must do, but it will indeed inspire me to go beyond what I am aspiring to do.  
The service of Calvary Assembly of God is a non-profit organization.   This organization is run by mostly volunteers and Pastors, who are paid through the chain of Assembly of God churches.  

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The church is upheld financially according to the tithes and offerings given to the church.   The average amount that people give to the church is ten percent of a person’s salary.   Although this organization; church, is supported by the community, it is fully in return beneficial to...