Community Service

Last year I was a volunteer of Literacy in my school, where hundreds of illiterate came to learn how to read and write. This people usually doesn’t have anyone that can take of their sons, so they bring it to the school, but they can’t be with them in the classes, so a group of us took care of the children.

This Literacy program was all the Saturdays, 5 hours each Saturday for 6 months. At the beginning it was a little hard for me to wake up so early a Saturday, but later I got used to it. Also, at the beginning it was hard to me to control the kids, because I loose my patience very easy because all the kids were running all over the place and were not behaving, they didn’t respect me at first, but then I saw the faces of happiness this kids had, because they knew their parents were learning how to read and write. After some Saturdays, I saw that they became interested in the activity and they were all seated and ready when I got to the school. I tried to inculcate in each boy and girl, that they have to continue studying, and go to university and have a title, and they that they need to work hard. I also did games were they had to compete to get a prize, so they can learn that you have to do your best to get something you want, and at last I was happy how these kids at the end had their minds more focus, and they were more respectful. So I think I did a good thing with, and it made happy to know that I help those kids to become better kids.