World Religions

World Religions Report
Angel Mathis
Ron Thomas

World Religions Report
    The Pentecostal religion has been in existence since the early twentieth century. This religion branched out of the Protestant Church, with a focus on the belief in a Baptism of the Spirit, and the Gift of the Spirit which is evident by speaking in tongues, a language completely unkown by the person who is speaking. This was the belief that caused the Pentecostals to branch off and create their own holy group, also because it was said that speaking in tongues was out of fanaticism and heresy. Another unusual way in which Pentecostals worship God is by praying in tongues aloud, prophesying, performing healings during church, clapping their hands and shouting with great fervency. They don’t focus much on the doctrine as they do in the experience they feel during the fervent worshipping. In 1906 Pentecostalism became known worldwide. Many people then sought to be baptized in the Spirit. Others began speaking in tongues and experiencing other Holy Spirit manifestations as they worship God. Pentecostal church members   also seem to experience revelations and personal and spiritual instructions. Not all their teachings seem to rely strictly on the Bible.
    The Pentecostal denomination   has grown tremendously with approximately 24 million Pentecostal as of today. With the Assemblies of God being the largest Pentecostal church today. Others include the Association of Vineyard, United Pentecostal Church International and the United Pentecostal.
    The First Assembly of God Church I visited is located on 3928 Montana Avenue, in El Paso, Texas, This church was established in 1936 with over 175 members. Pastor Phil Sanders has ministered the word for over 8 years, as was stated to me by one of its members.
    Not only did I visit the church, but I was able to meet some of the regular church members who welcomed me to their service. I noticed...