Community Service

Chords or
South View High School has always been known for their extreme dedication that is presented by the students who are involved in any type of club or organization. Each of the students in most of the clubs work very hard to make sure that they contribute and equal part towards their club or organization and that community service is prevalent in each. With the students who participate in community service, most are required a certain number of hours that they have to meet in order to make sure that their responsibility guideline is met. For example SGA is required twelve and a half hours of community service each grading period, with a grand total of one hundred hours of community service at the end of the year. This is a lot of community service, and the students are very proud to meet this goal. SGA is not the only club or organization that requires their officers or students to have met a certain number of community services. Clubs and organizations such as; Key Club, National Honors Society, FBLA and HOSA are also some that require community service. As a   club who does tons of community service, it is important to make sure that we reward the students who have met their community service responsibilities over the course of four years. Community service chords or metals would be the perfect answer to show the hard work that these students have done over the years. Walking down across the stage during graduation with a community service chord or metal gives the students a since of accomplishment for all that they have done at South View High School. These chords or metals would symbolize to the students and to parents that day that this student is dedicated and has met an equal contribution to their school.


Chords: Guidelines
In order to receive a chord here are the guidelines that should be met.

To receive a purple chord at graduation a student would have had to participate in 100...