Community and Family Studies Gay and Lesbian Parenting

Gay and Lesbian couples have to face a lot of scrutiny from the prying society as they cannot become parents without a third party. They can become parents in various social parenting circumstances such as adoption, fostering, step-parenting and surrogacy and can obtain biological parenting by using Assistive Reproduction Technologies such as In-vitro Fertilisation (IVF).

Legal Issues: - The Adoption Amendment (Same-Sex Couples) Bill 2010 allows for same sex couples the right to adopt a child. How the coupes relinquishing their child for adoption can indicate whether they are prepared to have a same-sex couple adopt their child.
Social Issues: - Not a lot of support networks.
Short-term implications: - Supply doesn’t meet demand
- Time
- Child’s insecurities
Long-term implications: - Children may want to know biological parents
- Gender Identity/Sexual Orientation
Well-being: - Children in adoptive families may have their well-being affected in a negative light as some children will have the desire to locate their biological parents to know about their origins and genetics which impacts the emotional well-being.
- Positively affects their social well-being as they have a wide perspective of different people so they can fulfil their social needs with a variety of people.

Legal Issues: - No legal guardianship
Social Issues: - Gay and Lesbian couples can be accused of not providing the right level of care because of their sexuality.
- Support Networks are scarce
Short-term Implications: - Child feels alienated because of different circumstances.
- Child may resent gay or lesbian carers (if they have been brought up to think differently)
- Bullying because of carers sexual orientation.
Long Term implications: - Bullying because of carers sexual orientation.
- No specific gender role model. (i.e.
Well-being: - Children who are fostered into same sex parenting families can...