Gay and Lesbian Adoption: a Constant Battle

April 11, 2011
English 1002

Gay and Lesbian Adoption: A Constant Battle

Gays and lesbians encounter social and legal discrimination while finding happiness   in the adoption process. All citizens of the Untied States have the given constitutional rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The pursuit of happiness tell us that if you obey all laws, you are entitled to happiness regardless of the opinions of others. Having already set forth the notion of equality, we have no superior right over others, and are thus obligated to respect the equal rights of others to pursue happiness as they so desire. Gays and lesbians have struggled   to find this happiness for years. After battling with society and the fear of others perspectives of them, some find peace and love within themselves no matter what the world thinks.
After the struggles gay and lesbian couples may have to experience, some couples see that the only way to complete their family is to adopt a child. Stating the obvious, the only way a same sex couple can have children are by artificial insemination or by adoption. The United States has a very large number of children in orphanages and foster homes. Through the adoption process gay and lesbian couples have a chance to give a child a loving home just like any heterosexual couple with the standard   credentials it takes to provide a safe environment. Gay and lesbian adoption has been an ongoing process both rigorous and heartbreaking as today’s society is not as accepting and does not seem to be   the progressing as those men and women try to supply a child with a home full of love and happiness.
The citizens of the Untied States have come a very long way form the way they were in the early 1960’s. Women now have the right to vote, although the struggles were at a great cost to many women willing to stand up and fight for that right. Races other than white are now accepted and most certainly can not be discriminated against when applying...