Community and Family Studies

Parenting and Caring-
  Meet the Parents.

  1. Identify and justify the parenting style that is portrayed in the movie.

How intimidating would it be to find out that Jack Byrnes (an ex CSI agent) is your future father-in-law? So much so that you'd do practically anything, including a few things slightly illegal, just to please him. Greg goes to great lengths to be accepted by his future in-laws, but it seems that despite good intentions, he digs himself deeper into trouble with every passing minute.

Pam Byrnes’ parents have distinct parenting styles. The father (Jack Byrnes) is an authoritarian parent with his wife dinner sitting back and at times Dina can be Permissive/indulgent; as a result of Jack’s authoritarian mannerisms.’

Jack Byrnes loves his daughter Pam very much although he is very protective of her and can treat her more like a child without considering that she can make decisions by herself. This can be seen in Scene 3 when Pam runs up to her father and he kisses her several times and then they do a playful handshake in which a child would have with there friend. This shows that Jack is an authoritarian parent as Pam has not fully developed an adult relationship with her father as he has stunted her ability to develop that relationship.
Pam attempts to impress Jack by telling her parents that Greg is now in triage where the best nurses work. Jack then replies “Not many Men in your profession Greg”. This shows that Jack is critically insulting Greg’s profession and showing his Authoritarian parenting by not praising Greg and Pam instead insulting Greg about his Profession. This shows no Praise for positive behaviour.
In Scene 3 Jack shows his new invention called the ‘Nanny Camera’. Jack states “How do you really know for certain your loved ones are safe with a stranger… Can you ever really trust another human being?”. This is in relation to hiring a babysitter.   This shows authoritarian parenting once again as Jack shows no trust for...