Community and Family Studies Essay

Community and Family Studies

  * Preliminary Task 1 –

Interview (Factors that impact on Wellbeing)

Kiara Davis Yr. 11 CAFS

Profile of interviewee one and two;

Name | Robert (Bob) Rankmore |
Age | 74 |
D.O.B | 13th January 1941 |
Relationship to me | Grandfather |
Place of birth | Goulburn Base Hospital |

Name | Ann Rankmore |
Age | 69 |
D.O.B | 7th July 1945 |
Relationship to me | Grandmother |
Place of birth | Goulburn Base hospital |


  1. Tell me how school was for you.
  2. What is your group of friends like, how have they changed over time?
  3. What significant events have socially impacted you?

  1. In your life have their been times when you feel your physical needs have not been met (e.g. shelter, food, water, etc.)?
  2. Tell me about your health and what your lifestyle has been like.
  3. Have there been any physical events in your life that have had a major impact on you?

  1. How has your financial situation been through out your life?
  2. How has your job situation been throughout your life?

  1. Have there been any events in your life that have significantly impacted your emotional wellbeing?
  2. Have you ever fallen in love or had positive or negative relationships?
  3. Throughout your life have you had good support networks?

  1. Tell me about your cultural heritage
  2. Tell me about the traditions in your family
  3. Is tradition important to you?

  1. Tell me about your sense of self/ identity
  2. Do you have a faith or belief system?
  3. Tell me about the philosophy you live by

Factors that impact on Wellbeing

Wellbeing is a defined as: state in which the physical, social, emotional and intellectual needs of an individual are met and balance between family, community, leisure and work is achieved. Wellbeing is measured according to our ability to cope...