Communication and Conflict

Communication and conflicts.

As a Deputy   manager I was responsible for the effective service delivery of a particular service user who had a learning disability and diagnosis of Psychotic disorder.

X had lived within the XXXXX for 18months, in that time X required intensive support from his support team to ensure any behaviours displayed were managed and support guidelines adapted.
An area of my responsibility was to ensure that I conduct monthly management spot checks and tri monthly audits; these included checking the service user’s financial affairs (in accordance with the financial policy) and ensuring all records were being kept up to date in accordance with confidentiality and report writing policy. I completed these checks onto a standard format and input them into a computer system where it shows if the standard of check has been achieved. The chart will also show increases in particular areas of not meeting the standard required. (I compile a report for the scheme manager reflecting what has been found). All these documents are stored in accordance with the confidentiality policy, locked away and seen on a need to know basis.
Over a period of 2 months it became apparent after I conducted these checks that a marked increase in incidents was occurring. The evidence for this was found in the increase of incident reports received by me and by the content of the house journals and ABC charts. (Journals and ABC charts are forms that are used in supported living to record daily events and any challenging behaviour displayed. These are stored in a locked cupboard in the service user’s home and only service users and support staff has access.).
Due to the increase in incidents I booked an emergency meeting with the Clinical Psychologist to discuss the increase in incidents and agree a plan of action to address the issue. I contacted the Psychologist via email and copied all other multi-disciplinary professionals involved in X service delivery.
A meeting...