Law 531

Discussion Question 1: How might argumentation differ in the classroom, daily life, and your job?

To demonstrate this, select a position from a current event with which you are familiar.

How would you argue this position in the classroom, daily life, and on the job?

Would you use different supporting evidence to make your argument?

What expectations would you have of someone arguing a position to you in each of these different settings?

Based on the assigned reading, Argumentation is used to convince readers to think or act a particular way. The purpose of argumentation is to state your opinion on an issue and present an argument to convince others to agree with your opinion and adopt it as their own. Argumentation differs in the classroom, my daily life, and on my job because my audience determines the content of my presentation.   I would demonstrate to my audience that monthly customer service training is necessary.

In the classroom, I would use a PowerPoint presentation. I provide facts, information and my opinion about better customer service. I would also use many scenarios.

In my daily life, I would be an example and give good customer service. I would treat others, as I would like to be treated. I would attend workshops or take classes for my inner personal growth.

On my job, we have monthly rap sessions. I would suggest and give detail reasons to my boss why we need more customer service training, base on recent and past events and the rising number of complaints received. I would provide this information to her by electronic mail, in-house mail, or give an oral presentation.

I would use many supporting evidence to get my point across, for example, on my job I can create a survey for students to file out while being service and at the end of the day, my boss and I can go through them to see how complain we received.

I do expect others to argue. In the classroom, I think my classmates would probably ask me questions more than to...