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Business Communication
July, 19, 2010

Business Communication

Communication affects every aspect of business.   Day-to- day activities, managing work activities, and trends in the work place are ways communication affects companies effectiveness.   These are key components that will influence any company's ability in finding success.   Communication is tool when mastered that can catapult a company into success.
Day to Day
Business communication plays a big role in the day to day activities for managers.   People must communicate to plan products and services; hire, train, and motivate workers; coordinate manufacturing and delivery; persuade customers to buy; and bill them for the sale (Locker, 2008).   All team members in the chain of command are affected by communication.   Managers need to be able to communication to subordinates, peers, and upward management.   Entry level team members must be able to communicate with management and their peers as well.   Communication is a necessary function of every job.   The way people can communicate can vary from email,   face-to-face contact, telephone, websites, texting, meetings, or presentations.
As a manager there are a few roles one must be able to do.   A manager must first be able understand the communication that is being received.   The information must be deciphered in order to use the information to make decisions.   These activities can range from simple daily decisions about payroll to business strategies that affect the entire company.   Once the information is understood the manager must be able to effectively communication this to those who need the information to make decisions.   This includes management, employees, clients, customers, and investors.  
Trends in the Workplace
There have been a few noticeable trend in the work place.   There has been a shift in driving a culture of team work.   More often that not many companies are utilizing teams to execute goals versus...