Testing a Theory Psych/201 Wk1

Testing a theory- “How do social networking sites affect social interactions?”

  First of all, I chose to research on this because it just sparks my interest and I have been thinking about it since my dad decided to join Facebook. I did all of my research online and did find some ethical issues. The one I found to be interesting is that people write immoral things that their Facebook friends can see and are their family, including parents. People also tend to say things that usually would not say in person on social networking sites.
  Texting changes social interaction in so many ways. The first way that texting changes social interaction is by giving you better access to friends, new and old, and allowing you to have more access to meeting new people. A great example to prove this is Facebook or MySpace, of where you can text people you know or just might have met. These are the most famous of sites online where people interact which helps prove how these sites prove my theory of how it changes social interactions.
  Social interaction from online texting has changed the way people meet in the twenty-first century period. To prove this let start with online dating.   So many people meet from MySpace or Facebook from a simple photo and some basic information then starting texting online and get to know one other. From there they may or may not start dating or become friends. If it were not for online texting they may have never met one another.
  I have a friend named Brenda who two years ago met her husband Nick on Facebook. He lived in Washington and she lived in Georgia. If it were not for this online site and online texting they would have never met. So it goes to show how online texting definitely helps social interactions. It gives you a broad variety of choices of people you may have never known.
  To show other view of this is to show how I found an old friend I had a friend growing named Michelle. I lost contact with her in eighth grade. One day...