Audience Analysis

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                                                                                                                January 24, 2011 |

    Many business messages are meant for a large audience such as stakeholders, managers’ salespeople, as well as customers. Though the members of my audience may share the same interests, there are distinguishing factors such as their level of understanding and their needs. It may be quite challenging to meed the needs of everyone involved.   Conducting an audience analysis would be beneficial and help ensure the message is effectively conveyed.
  * Characteristics of the audience
  *       Knowing that communication must always be designed with the audience in mind, I should first consider the characteristics of my audience.   My audience consists of a group of stakeholders, including managers, salespeople, and customers. Before presenting my quarterly sales information, I must consider the audience’s knowledge of the subject.   Though the managers and salespeople may be quite knowledgeable with jargon or terms associated with the sales information, I may have to clarify some information to be certain the customers understand. I will consider their age, race, gender, and educational background. I have to be careful to avid using words or terms that may be offensive to any person or group.   My audiences’ interest in the sales information will be taken into account while preparing the report. Subsequently, I will have to bear in mind exactly what the audience's needs are in regards to this sales information.   In addition, it would be beneficial to consider addressing certain specific needs or interest of my audience.   Last but not least, I have to think about what my audience expects to learn in regards to the sales information.   It is important that the audience is enlightened and all their concerns are addressed.
  * Communication channels
    Effective communication relies on selecting...