Kareem Abdelkader FY101
9/25/13 Assignment #1

Boston University: An Unreal Experience
My first four weeks here at Boston University have consisted of a range of emotions. I’ve experienced success, anxiety, frustration, happiness, confusion, and a wealth of other feelings. The transition has not been completely smooth; however I am definitely excited for the next four years here. I look forward to meeting and bonding with the extremely interesting and diverse Boston University student population. College is certainly a new experience, one that has so far been filled with great times, but also some hardships. Overall, I believe that these next four years of my life will change me immensely and hopefully develop me into the man I want to be.
The biggest challenge I have faced so far since starting this new journey is the concept of time management. Back home I always had my mom there to remind me to do my work or in other words make sure I did my work in a timely manner. Now that I am on my own, I have a new sense of freedom, which is both a good and a bad thing. On the one hand I can stay out as late as I want on the weekends or have friends over without asking, but on the other so much more responsibility is now required of me to be successful. I am making my best effort to rise to the challenge though, I have been setting all sorts of reminders and alarms on my phone, going to office hours for professors and overall trying my hardest to make the most out of my time. The style of my classes is very different from what I was used to in high school. Most of my classes are huge and consist of 100+ students, making it hard to receive one on one attention from a professor unless you go to office hours. I have had some long nights with little sleep, but thankfully I am faithful I will survive.
Despite the difficulties I have faced thus far, I have also had success. I’ve been doing really well on my biology quizzes and labs, got a job at a shoe...