The college education today is not just an academic experience, it is a stepping stone to your future. Entering college in comparison is the same to today is the same to just a few decades ago, the aspect that has changed is you enter with not only an idea, but you know exactly what you want to graduate with. The SAT's, entry exams, and various entrance essay's you construct or portfolio you provide also play a various tallies on the school you attend. The difference is that back then it was a thought provoking academia where you took classes that were interesting to you and in return further developing you, in the end allowing you to graduate with a major. Today it is a stressed invoked rush to take classes related to your major, not if the student has an interest, but will prepare the student for the future with their degree. Even thou today they are the same academic institution the system has changed over the years stressing the previous values and now including a larger base for the academia and giving back to the community. A two- or four- year college degree is becoming more and more important to unlocking doors to economic and educational opportunity in America today. In the end a student receives as the institute sees as a higher achieved academic excellence, truly its a piece of paper stating the student completed their higher education. The need for higher education is obvious today in relation to only a few decades ago, while more people go to college than ever before, it's not the be all and end all that it used to be.