College Essay

College Essay

    People die, animals die and plants die; apparently homes too. The

former are expected, the latter are not. One never thinks that the bad

things in life will happen; we think that we are untouchable, that our

lives are perfect. I used to think this way until it all went up in smoke.

  February 21, 2007 started out great; I had aced a test in math and

nailed my solo in orchestra. After school that day I was helping out in

my history club helping when I got a call from my sister Sandra. She

told me that there was smoke coming out of my mom’s window.

Thinking it was a joke I started laughing but when she yelled at me I

realized it wasn’t. I told her to call 911 and hung up. I told my teacher

what was happening and ran out of the room. When I got to the

school gates I could smell smoke. Wow was all I could think, I

couldn’t believe something like this was happening. As I got closer to

my house the smell of smoke intensified. The wow feeling from earlier

was gone. Fear settled in its place.

    The fifteen minute walk made the muscles in my legs scream in

agony but I ignored them and kept going. All I could think about was

my dog and how she was inside the house. Numbly, I kept thinking

that I would get to my house and it wouldn’t be happening. When I

finally got to the bridge next to my house I knew I couldn’t keep lying

to myself. I stood and watched as huge billowing clouds of smoke

blew onto the lake. It was like time had stopped. The whizzing sound

of the cars, the sirens and the shouts of the people gathering around

the house all died down. I could only stare in horror as I saw my

home being destroyed. I couldn’t bring myself to actually look at the

house so I cut through my neighbors’ backyard and the chaos that I

was met with was overwhelming. There were firefighters, policemen,

and neighbors all making some kind of noise. My sisters were at a...