Clubit Improvement

Club IT has created an ambiance that is second to none; however, to continue to grow and remain successful they need to advance their technology. Implementing new software; to handle the inventory for merchandise, as well as, the food for the kitchen, and definitely a way to make it easier for the employees to communicate with the different areas of the business from the servers to the kitchen to the assistant manager to the owners would make it easier for all involved within the company, and finally advertising to keep the customer base growing. By implementing these new software tools, convenience and organization will follow close behind and make everyone’s job easier. There are different areas within ClubIT that need refinement, this writer is going to compare and see what areas need improvement and different types of options to improve ClubIT to the level it needs to be.
ClubIT has options, many other businesses have implemented within their company to make their business run more cohesively, this system is enterprise resource planning which is referred to as ERP. Enterprise resource planning systems integrate the planning, management, and use of all of an organization’s resources. The major objectives of ERP systems are to tightly integrate functional areas of the organization and to enable information to flow seamlessly across the functional areas. (R. Kelly Rainer, 2008) Now while most companies develop their own ERP system there is software to buy that can be used. The most common of the ERP software vendors is SAP (system applications and products in data processing). Despite the many benefits that ERP systems offer there are many negatives as well. They can be extremely complex, expensive, and time consuming to implement, also companies may need to change existing business procedures to fit the predefined business process of the software. This writer thinks this is too complex of a system to use for just bar and restaurant use.
The next area to be...