Process of Improvement

Process Improvement Plan

The Infinity Consulting Firm will provide a Financial Analysis Proposal for the General Motors Corporation (GMC).   The analysis will consist of an overview of the company from 2004 to 2007 as compared to other companies within the automotive industry.   A SWOT analysis will be conducted to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of GMC, Ford, Chrysler and Toyota.   Graphical representations will be displayed to outline benchmarking results found between the four companies.   The analysis will conclude with a recommendation that the Infinity Consultant Firm has created that would assist the GMC to regain their status as one of the most profitable companies in the automobile industry.
Problem Statement
Based on the current economy, could General Motors regain its previous market position?
The auto industry started to take flight in the early 20th century.   During this period the “big” three were born:   GM, Ford and Chrysler.   These companies vied to produce the most innovative technology before the competition could beat each other to the market. During the mid 1913’s, Ford was able to mass produce vehicles with their invention of the assembly line. This threw all competition into over drive in the attempt to also produce the numbers Ford was capable of producing.   GM by the 1930’s after World War II, made a commitment to service and innovation placing the company ahead of the competition.   The corporation’s structure and production continued to work into the 21st century; however, the company did befall financial difficulties.   The difficulties can be attributed to several factors; price of gasoline, vehicles sold that used incredible amounts of fuel, and a stagnant economy.   The corporation continued to see decreases in their stocks and shareholders were very disappointed with the returns.   The difficulties with the economy forced many GM manufacturing operations to close, forcing the company to fire...