Club It

Information Technology Infrastructure

The Information Technology Infrastructure for Club IT is designed strictly for customers and employees. Customers have limited access to Club IT using the internet. The ITI is not being used to maximize its potential. Infrastructure is the physical hardware used to interconnect computers and users. Infrastructure includes the sending and receiving of media including telephone lines, cable television lines, satellites, antennas, and their router. Club IT uses its current infrastructure to interconnect hardware, software and to only a few computers and other devices that are interconnected. We would like to maximize this infrastructure by connecting all computers and devices. Allowing vendors to directly connect with Club IT will cut costs. Using the current infrastructure by calling vendors is time consuming and not cost effective.

FAIS – Administrative Control

To be more effective in this area Ruben and Lisa will have to share the duties of Administrative Control. Ruben and Lisa discuss a set of procedures that is necessary for economic efficiency. The nightlife business is ever changing and Ruben and Lisa can both access the employee’s portals to implement their policies and plans. With the policies and plans easily accessed by the employees in their portals, customers will ultimately have a feeling of comfort at the club.

FAIS – Logistics

Club IT is currently having their logistics run by Ruben and Lisa. The flow of goods and services between the club and the customer is the most important factor for Ruben and Lisa. Integrating information, transportation, inventory, storing, material handling, packaging, and security should be handled by their managers. The infrastructure will support connecting all employees to certain details. Ruben and Lisa can easily view the trends and integrity of Club IT’s logistics by their Administrative Control. They can edit, amend, or simply deny what a manager or employee...