Inferno and Dante Club

What’s Your Point?

I. Beginning

A. Short scene of Holmes pondering about connection between Reverend Talbot and Inferno: Holmes says, “Reverend…burning feet…body upside-down…”
      B. Quotes: “Holmes’s head began to spin, and it seemed to him that there were suddenly very little air in the room” (93). “Something in the murder had been familiar, so familiar” (95). “From their heels to their toes—that’s where the corrupt clerics, the Simoniacs, bur forever in their craggy ditches. His heart sank” (96).
      C. Holmes: “Dante! It’s Dante!” (96)
D. Role of Fate: urges the Dante Club to prevent Dan Teal from carrying out the punishments of sinners and drives the plot.

II. Two Characters

A. Holmes fights against perceived Fate
- Reverend Talbot= realizes the connection b/w Inferno and the murders
- Quote: “‘…that which we are, we are, /One equal temper of heroic hearts/ Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will/To strive, to seek, to find, … and not to yield’” (131).

B. Rey fights against his perceived Fate of sinners
-Just as Holmes goes to stop the fates of the sinners from occurring, Rey goes to find the meaning of the leaper’s message.
-Confronts Holmes about the leaper’s message and eventually Holmes admits everything (summarizes scene on pg 238- 240)
-Becomes part of the Dante Club- solving & stopping the murders
      Just like Holmes, Rey also tries to prevent the fate of the sinners from occurring. The fate of these sinners drives Rey to further investigate the crime scenes. After the leaper whispered a message in Rey’s ears, Rey begins to search for a translation. Overhearing a conversation during one of the Dante Club meetings, he sees the connection between the Dante Club and the murders. Then, he confronts Holmes about the conversation that night they had about contrapasso. Eventually, Holmes admits everything to Rey, making him a member of the battle against Fate.

C. Rey against his limited Fate as black...