Club It

Task 1
The ordering of a drink from club IT would course the typical function-specific systems of accounting, finance, and production operations. The drink transaction is made the transaction then is in processing mode, detailed reports are then accumulated and it goes over into the company’s database; the inventory for the item is reduced by the quantity sold and the cash increases.   The functional information systems affected by the drink order transaction are the finances, production and operations.
Task 2
If club IT acquired a Transaction Processing System they would then open up the window monitoring, collecting, storing, and processing data from all of the transactions that may take place.   Club IT will accrue two important benefits, improved performance and minimized processing costs.   The costs of implementing a transaction processing system at Club IT will only open up door for innovation, upon implementing the system they could set their menu online, so that patrons who are at club IT can order their menu items from their cellular devices and just go and pick up the order whenever it is ready, and not only that thanks to e-commerce they can use their cellular phones to pay for the transaction.
Tangible and intangible costs are identified and measured:
• Hardware costs
• Salaries for professionals
• Software cost
• Purchase of hardware or software
o personnel training, and employee salaries are example of tangible costs.
Costs whose value cannot be measured are referred as intangible costs i.e. the cost of breakdown of an online system during business hours will cause the Club to lose
Benefits are tangible and intangible some examples of both:
• more customer satisfaction
• Improved company status
• improved response time
• Producing error free output such as producing reports