Club It Part 1

I interviewed many of the staff at Club IT. I determined that staff members were concerned with how patrons gained access to the clubs entertainment venue with a cash cover charge collected at the front door. Club IT has a Point of Sale system for the bar and restaurant portions of the business. My recommendation to management will be to install and integrate this system at the entrance. This will not only deter theft, it will also give management a head count electronically every night. This information can be used to determine trends for entertainment or entertainers booked to perform.
During my interview many staff members complained that the back entrance was used by all employees along with vendors. This was confirmed by management; additionally management felt that time sheets were not being annotated correctly. I recommended that the current security system include a card reader be installed on both sides of the rear entrance. This reader then can be either tied into the payroll system or read manually for accurate start and end times for employees. Though this system is tied into the security system a database would be created to document employee data along with each individual’s time sheets. This system could be used to activate Point of Sale devices (cash registers or computer systems). Lenel is a vendor that specialized in Identity manangement, this Information System can be managed so that Employees and vendors have specific access times reducing key mismanagement. Badges can be designed with Club IT logo and individual photo for added security.
In closing we can see there are many areas that Club IT can use technology to improve current business practices. Updating the point of sale and security system would be an inexpensive and immediate impact on the current business model. Web design and ECM systems are another area discussed in this paper and can also increase business for Club IT. These decision are yours and I am available to consult....