Club It

Club IT, Part Three
In the short time I have been a part of Club IT, I have seen tremendous potential.   If the right style of information technology is used, there is no reason this company cannot grow and expand to other locations.   There is a great staff on hand that works hard to make sure everything is perfect for the customers.   They are very dedicated to making sure that each customer has a great time at Club IT.   There is just the right number of employees for the company and the security personnel there make everyone feel safe before and after they enter the club.
Club IT is a great place to gather with friends and coworkers.   It offers live music, food, drinks, and dancing.   Club IT wants their customers to feel at home and to relax after a hard day at work.   They want to create a community gathering place for all to enjoy. Ruben Keys and Lisa Tejada are the owners of Club IT.   Their dream was to open a nightclub that would allow all types of music where customers can dance and relax.  
Club IT’s customer base varies from college students who want to party after class, to the more mature crowd who just wants to unwind after a hard day at work.   The owners at Club IT have remodeled their building to allow a larger seating arrangement with plenty of space for dancing.   The remodeling has helped create a better visual experience for the customers, but it is also important to revamp other aspects of the business.   The software and hardware needs to be upgraded so employees can handle the business transaction with ease and keep on top of the finances.
The short-term goals of Club IT would be to expand their client base and bring in more live talent to play at nights.   Another short-term goal would be to become one of the best restaurants in town.   This will entail hiring an experienced chef that can create a variety of different foods that will appeal to the older crowd, while still offering the “everyday” type of food that will appeal to the college crowd....