Compare and contrast the depictions of Cleopatra in the 1934 and 1963 movies as shown and discussed on the DVD video. Then, explain how the similarities and differences between these depictions of Cleopatra reflect the historical circumstances in which they were created.
Throughout history there have been many different representations of Cleopatra, each re-invented to suit the generation of that time. The 1934 and 1963 movies are similar in many aspects; they both neglect the fact that Cleopatra was a very intelligent and powerful stateswoman but instead choose to portray her as a sexual predator who manipulates” her contaminated flock of men” (Horace, Ode 1.37 Resources page 28)   into getting what she wants. Both movies where sold to the public as being a tragic romance, with the sexual connotations throughout both their media adverts. The idea of living a lavish lifestyle and having sexual power would have appealed to a lot of women in both the 1930’ and 1960’.   In the 19340’ women fought for their rights. Getting to vote, equality of pay, able to divorce and to have sex before marriage.   The 1934 movie was therefore a marketing opportunity to sell such luxuries as perfume and cosmetics to the new modern women of their time. Throughout both movies we can clearly see the expense that both movie companies have gone to, to give such an appeal to such luxuries that are now classed as a necessity to the women of these times. For example Elizabeth Tailors gorgeous and exotic clothes. I do believe that both movies especially the 1934 movie was produced in the manner it was as to sell new and unneeded products to women, which is still true in the 21st century.   Women today have the same rights and equality as men yet the majority still tend to follow the media, looking up to the Elizabeth tailor of now and wanting the romance and celebrity status and ignoring the real heroin’s   of today.
Both movies emphasis the point that Cleopatra was a woman caught up in a love...